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Understanding Vape Clouds: Techniques and Tricks 

Big Cloud Vape Tricks Explained

Vaping enthusiasts genuinely enjoy using their devices. The delicious and rich flavor helps to relax and enjoy the device. Nicotine helps users temporarily forget about stress and enjoy the experience. 

True vape fans understand how to use a little of their time for vaping meditation. The pleasant flavor and satisfying vapor provide a genuinely enjoyable experience. A good mood is created by vape clouds that impress with their quantity and quality. A good vapor, dense vape cloud indicates that everything is fine with the device. 

The creation of cool and pleasant clouds will amaze you. A skilled vaper can create clouds that not only impress but also inspire others to learn how to make big clouds with vape.

Basics of Vape Clouds

Users’ passion for vaping is justified by the great flavor, cool vapor, and pleasure. Most people use vaping as a way to relax and experience pleasure. Nicotine from e-liquid helps to feel calm and forget about stress. There are a number of people who have turned vaping into a hobby. They don’t just enjoy using the device, but create something more interesting. It is vape clouds that are the hobby that can surprise you and immerse you in vaping completely. 

To avoid the question “How to get big clouds with vape?” you should set up your device correctly. The clouds themselves appear when you exhale vapor from the vape. They can be of different volume, quantity, and density. 

Experienced vaping enthusiasts know how to make a vape cloud of different shapes. They always choose different vaping techniques that help them to achieve impressive results. When you understand the basics of vape clouds, you delve into a kind of science and art of vaping.

What is Cloud Chasing?

Vapers often form their own groups and communities. They teach each other how to create vape clouds and share their experiences. They want to exhale as thick and voluminous clouds as possible. To do this, users learn special techniques, use specialized equipment and very powerful devices. This raises the question “What is cloud chasing?” Vaping enthusiasts often create contests and events to demonstrate their skills. They want to show others what results they have achieved and often amaze others with their antics.

The high popularity among vape cloud enthusiasts makes it clear why the so-called cloud chasing is so popular:

  • The ability to show off your talents and surprise others.
  • The use of different e-liquids in terms of their composition and quality.
  • Analyzing your vaping experience and wanting to improve it.
  • Excitement among rivals.
  • Having a good time in the company and the opportunity to express yourself.

Techniques for Bigger Clouds

True vaping enthusiasts understand which devices and e-liquids are best for producing dense vapor. Vaping experts recommend several methods to make sure your vapor impresses not only you, but also others:

  • You should only choose e-liquids with a high vegetable glycerin content. To get thick and good clouds, you should choose an e-liquid with 70% vegetable glycerin content.
  • To find out the answer to the question “How to get big clouds with vape?” increase the power of your device. The main thing you should pay attention to is the coil. If it can handle high power, there will be plenty of vapor from the device.
  • Always choose the best vape for clouds where you can adjust the airflow.
  • To get thick clouds, you should use the direct inhalation technique. Inhale the vapor directly into your lungs.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Experienced vape device users know and understand what the best vape for clouds should be. You should choose your equipment carefully. It makes a huge difference in creating good, large, and dense clouds. Here are some factors you should pay attention to:

  • Always choose only Sub-Ohm tanks, as they are the key to cool clouds. These tanks are capable of producing more vapor and they have better power.
  • Only go for high-powered mods. They give you the strong power you need to heat your coil efficiently and quickly. 
  • Choose rebuilt atomizers. They have better air control and allow you to customize coils.
  • For thick vapor, choose vapes with adjustable airflow. It is these devices that will allow users to properly adjust the air to make thick and impressive clouds. 

By knowing all the rules and factors that affect cloud density, you will use your vape with pleasure. You will know what is the best vape for clouds, how to choose the right vape.

Vape Juice Selection

You should understand that the right e-liquid will make it possible to enjoy vaping. An important factor to have a thick vape cloud is to choose a good vape juice. Experts VapePrivacy recommend following these factors and cloud tips to meet your needs:

  • Choose the best vape juice for clouds with a high level of vegetable glycerin. These are the ones that create a thicker and denser cloud.
  • To be able to produce thick vapor without harming your health, use a low nicotine level. High levels of nicotine can negatively affect and irritate your throat.
  • To know the answer to the question “How to make big clouds with vape?” choose flavors with few additives. 
  • Always check your wick and coil when using vegetable glycerin with high juice content. Only properly functioning wicks and coils can withstand the high juice content.

Common Issues with Vape Clouds

Best Vape for Massive Clouds

Users of vaping devices often encounter problems when there are strange clouds vape or almost no clouds. Such a problem creates discomfort while using the device and does not allow you to relax. Here are some cloud tips and factors that affect vapor density:

  • Always use a device with high wattage. Only such a vape can guarantee dense clouds and good vapor.
  • Only use coils that have low resistance. 
  • Always check your wick to see if it is sufficiently saturated with e-liquid. 
  • Adjust the correct airflow to allow your device to produce dense clouds well.
  • Use vapes with a good battery. Always check that your device is charged and there are no problems.

Troubleshooting Thin Clouds

Sometimes you may feel that the clouds have become thin while using your vaping device. Certain settings will help you avoid this problem and you will see thick and dense clouds again. Here are some examples of settings:

  • You should check if the power of your device is properly configured. When the power is correct, it is able to generate more heat. This is what produces thick and good vapor. 
  • Always make sure that the correct airflow is adjusted. You should try different airflow settings. This is how you will find the best option for you to get a cool and dense cloud.
  • Choose e-liquid juices with a high content of vegetable glycerin.
  • Check your battery from time to time to make sure it is in good condition.
  • You should clean your device regularly. Clean and rinse the tank and change the coil regularly.

By following these rules you will not ask yourself the question “Why are my vape clouds thin?”. You will be happy to use your device, which will help you to make your vape cloud dense and thick.

Advanced Vaping Tricks

Experienced vape users know how to surprise others with cool tricks while releasing a vape cloud. Here are some examples of cool vaping tricks:

  • You should pull the vapor in hard and hold it in your mouth. Then push the vapor out of your mouth and suck it back in. This trick is called a mushroom cloud.
  • To make a smoke ring, you should inhale the vapor deeply and forcefully. Form an O or a circle with your mouth and push the vapor out with small pulses through your throat.
  • Gently release the vapor onto a flat surface and slowly move your hand to the center. Move your hand upward in a spiral to do a tornado trick.

Once you master cloud craft vape, you will be able to surprise everyone with your skills and abilities.

Popular Vape Tricks

​​To make using your vape device even more fun, use these tips for cool vapor tricks:

  • You should inhale the vapor deeply and slowly release it into the bottle. Gradually pour out the vapor so that it flows down. This is how you do the waterfall vape trick.
  • You should blow vapor into the ring, then quickly take another puff and exhale a thin stream of vapor through the center of the ring. This is how you do the vape trick jellyfish.
  • To make a dragon clouds vape, you should exhale the vapor through your nose and through the corners of your mouth at the same time.

Knowing this interesting information, you will always be able to vape tricks with disposable shares and surprise others.


Using a vaping device can bring not only pleasure, but also surprise you with its capabilities. Devoted users of vaping devices always find ways to make their time cool. Using vape for various tricks, new acquaintances, stress relief, and a good time. Vaping can give you all these things if you use it properly.Always check the device in a timely manner. For a good flavor, use only high-quality e-liquid. For good vapor, use only the best vape for clouds. For a thick and dense vapor, you should choose an e-liquid with a high content of vegetable glycerin. This is the only way to make your vaping experience enjoyable and uplifting.

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