WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Guide to Vaping

Disposing of old disposable vapes

Guide to Vaping

June 28, 2024
How to Dispose of Vapes? Utilization Guide

Vaping is becoming increasingly popular. This growing popularity is not surprising. The variety of flavors, more available smoking locations, and ease of use make it an attractive option to use. However, with that rise comes a new question: how to get rid of e-cigs safely and responsibly? Throwing them in the trash can be harmful […]

Posh vape products lineup

Guide to Vaping

June 26, 2024
Review Posh Vape: Flavors and Functionality

In the world of e-cigs, Posh stands out for its sleek design and wide variety of tastes. But are these e-cigs all style and no substance? Our review dives deep into the Posh experience. It explores both its delicious taste offerings and its functionality. We’ll break down the different models. We will go from the […]

IJOY vape product lineup

Guide to Vaping

June 25, 2024
Review IJOY Vape: Flavors and Functional

The IJOY disposable vape is a popular choice among enthusiasts. It is famous for its innovative design, extensive flavor range, and impressive functionality. As a brand, IJOY is known for pushing the boundaries of vaping technology. It offers devices that cater to both beginners and experienced vapers alike. Their products are generally designed with user […]

Measuring nicotine in vape juice

Guide to Vaping

June 24, 2024
How Much Nicotine Is In Vape e-Juice?

E-cigs have grown significantly in popularity. They are tools that heat a liquid and create an aerosol that users inhale. It can include various ingredients. And nic is one of the most common. This is an addictive substance that makes smoking products appealing. Some of them are nic-free, however, many do contain it. The amount […]

vaping after tooth extraction with gauze

Guide to Vaping

June 21, 2024
Vaping After Tooth Extraction: Is it Safe or Should You Avoid it?

Vaping After Tooth Extraction: Is it Safe or Should You Avoid it? Just had a tooth removed and feeling the urge to reach for your e-cig? Hold on! Vaping may seem like a preferable option to cigs. However, it can significantly impact your healing journey after a tooth removal. Can you vape after tooth extraction? […]

Comparing Vape and Cigarette Nicotine Levels

Guide to Vaping

June 19, 2024
How Many Puffs in Vape Equal One Cigarette?

For many smokers, using vape devices can be a form of relaxation or meditation. Each puff and its exhalation give peace, balance, and relaxation. You forget about your problems for a while. Dedicated vapers enjoy using their devices. It helps to forget stress, relax, and immerse yourself in pleasant moments. Many people choose their means […]

Various strong flavor vape juices

Guide to Vaping

June 17, 2024
Top 10 Vape Juice Flavors With Tobacco

Vape enthusiasts who appreciate the classic taste of tobacco often seek out vape juices. They replicate its rich, earthy, and sometimes sweet flavors. But what does tobacco vape taste like?  Many smokers wonder about this question. It can vary from a classic cigarette’s robust and smoky notes to the more nuanced flavors of pipe tobacco. […]

Vaping as a Stress Relief Tool

Guide to Vaping

June 14, 2024
Does vape help with stress relief. Step-by-Step Guide 

Experienced vapers appreciate the enjoyment of using a vape regularly. Every time you use the device, you relax and experience good emotions. Often, vaping becomes the basis of a special meditation. If you choose to vape, you realize that this is your way of calming down. Another key factor for vaping is choosing a good […]

Vape storage tips for keeping your vape pen upright

Guide to Vaping

June 13, 2024
Wepo Storage Rules

Every vaper should properly store their e-cigarettes to ensure longevity and quality. Understanding best storage practices for devices, e-liquids, and accessories can significantly enhance your vaping experience. Incorrect storage can lead to a loss of flavor, reduced battery life, and potential safety hazards. Follow a few fundamental guidelines to maintain the integrity of your vape […]

Big Cloud Vape Tricks Explained

Guide to Vaping

June 13, 2024
Understanding Vape Clouds: Techniques and Tricks 

Vaping enthusiasts genuinely enjoy using their devices. The delicious and rich flavor helps to relax and enjoy the device. Nicotine helps users temporarily forget about stress and enjoy the experience.  True vape fans understand how to use a little of their time for vaping meditation. The pleasant flavor and satisfying vapor provide a genuinely enjoyable […]

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